MASFAP Hill Day in process NOW! Check out some pictures!

Thank you to all of the MASFAP Members attending MASFAP’s Hill Day!

GREAT table location, 3rd floor Rotunda, right in front of the Missouri Senate floor

MASFAP Members, from the fourth floor, looking down on the 3rd floor Rotunda

MASFAP Hill Day 2017 in progress!

Leadership Development participants at Hill Day

MASFAP in Jefferson City!

MASFAP in Jefferson City!

In Preparation for Hill Day by Will Shaffner

BE SURE TO REGISTER for HILL DAY – sign up today at under Training! MASFAP’s Hill Day is finally here! The event is right around the corner and we have a few tips to help prepare you. What to wear: Dress professionally. Advice straight from our Chair: wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be standing for much of the time. Parking:  We suggest carpooling because parking is tight. Plan to arrive early because weather and traffic are not reliable. Lunch: Bring a bagged lunch and drink and we can keep them under the MASFAP table, or you can purchase lunch in the small cafeteria located in the Capitol building. Remember, if you are interested in meeting with officials, contact the Legislative Committee by emailing so the committee can set a meeting up for you! MASFAP will provide a list of speaking points and legislative priorities for your meetings beforehand. Still want to contribute to Hill Day as a volunteer? It’s never too late! Plan on arriving on site at 7:30 a.m. and talk to a member of the Legislative Committee when you get there. We will make sure you have a job and are contributing to the day’s responsibilities. If you can’t come first thing in the morning, we would still love to have you help out.  Be sure to arrive before 1 p.m. Send an email to Will Shaffner at and let him know you’ll be coming! If you have any hesitations about volunteering, know that you are very much needed! There is power in numbers and every student that goes to your institution, or goes to any institution in Missouri, needs your representation in Jefferson City. Your expertise is exactly what these legislators need to make informed decisions about higher education in Missouri. Don’t leave it up to fate! Come out next week on Tuesday, February 14 and support MASFAP and Missouri’s education system! Will Shaffner is MASFAP’s Legislative Chair.

Hill Day: What to Expect By Will Shaffner

Worried because you don’t know what Hill Day is going to be like? We have you covered. Here is a snapshot of what to expect on February 14. Make sure to sign up today at under Training!

MASFAP will conduct Hill Day in the capitol building in Jefferson City. We will have a table set up where we can converse with elected officials and policy makers. The place we occupy is very public, so diverse types of capitol employees will walk by to ask who we are and what we do.

Beyond the table we set up to provide information, our Legislative committee will be arranging meetings with legislators, particularly those in charge of higher education matters. If you are interested in setting up a meeting to advocate for your district, you may get in touch with the MASFAP Legislative Committee by emailing to do so. If desired, a member of the committee will be available to sit in on the meeting upon request.  For the committee to be able to make any appointments for you and to be able to participate with you on your meetings, we need to have you register for the Hill Day Event just ASAP. To ensure the best level of support, please register for the event no later than Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

Although you might think advocating sounds a bit intimidating, financial aid officers make some of the best advocates. Not only are you aware firsthand of the difficulties families face in paying for higher education, you can take complex subjects and make them easy to understand. You are uniquely positioned to be advocates because you have an understanding of data from FISAP and other reports, which you can leverage to speak to elected officials. There is no one more equipped or qualified to advocate for our students. We need your knowledge and smiling faces to be present at MASFAP’s Hill Day table.

We have three main priorities this Hill Day for MASFAP:

  1. Introduce MASFAP to our elected officials in Jefferson City, so they know who we are and what we do
  2. Impress upon our elected officials and their staff that we are a great resource for them, as they try to figure out how Missourians save and pay for their education
  3. LISTEN to our elected officials when we ask them about the Governor’s recent cuts to education and how can we work together to be sure that all residents of Missouri are able to access and complete their education goals

We suggest that you discuss what you’re planning on advocating for with your institution’s staff member in charge of Government Relations. If they approve of what you are hoping to advocate for, we look forward to having you volunteer as a staff member for your institution. If they do not approve, we urge you to take the day off and advocate as a private citizen. The Legislative Committee can give you additional guidance on how to handle advocating as a private citizen.

Please consider attending MASFAP’s Hill Day as a volunteer. We, and Missouri students, need your support!

Stay tuned for a soon-to-come posting as to exact details on dress, meals and parking for the event!

Vicki Mattocks Receives the Missouri Award

Pictured are Janice Barnes, Todd Morris, Vicki Mattocks, Ronn Ramey and Kathy Morris.

Vicki Mattocks was unable to attend the MASFAP conference in December; as a result MASFAP waited to present the prestigious Missouri Service Award to her in person at her office last week. Last Thursday afternoon, work colleagues and MASFAP friends gathered in person and by phone to surprise her with the award. She was honored and humbled to receive the award.

Vicki said this about receiving the award, “Many of the past recipients of the Service Award were my mentors in our business and I am honored beyond description by being included in their company.  My only regret is not being present to accept the award at the conference and missing the opportunity to thank you all at that time – although I do appreciate not having to stand at a podium in front of a few hundred people!

 I am most honored and humbled, and will treasure this award, the opportunity to work with all of you, and this memory for many years.”

 Congratulations to Vicki Mattocks, the 2016 Missouri Award recipient!!!!