Trip to Washington DC By Kerry Hallahan

Just over a week ago, NASFAA held their National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. As President-Elect I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Association Management Pathway along with MASFAP’s Treasurer-Elect, Cassandra Hicks. We had two full days learning the ins and outs of leading a great organization such as MASFAP. Interactive presentations taught us many different aspects of Governance and Board Effectiveness, Developing and Implementing Your Leadership Plan and Fiscal Fitness. We also discussed volunteerism and how to run a meeting. Additionally, the presidents and treasurers split into smaller groups. Through small group I learned from leaders in Florida, Vermont, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Ohio, to name a few.

On the final day, the capstone point of our Leadership Conference was a visit to Capitol Hill. Thankfully, the MASFAP members shown below attended Senator Blunt’s morning coffee and Senator McCaskill’s office together. I was nervous, however felt a little more comfortable in a group. We learned the day before that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan expressed support for Year Round Pell. Since Senator Blunt is an avid supporter for Year Round Pell, we were sure to thank his aid for that support. Some of the topics we discussed were discretionary spending, FAFSA simplification, and allowing financial aid administrators flexibility regarding student loans (ie: limit loans for part-time students). Most importantly, we shared our contact information and offered to be a resource for their aids should they have any questions on how federal student aid is impacting Missouri students.

Overall this was an absolutely amazing experience! Thank you MASFAP for allowing me to represent you!

MASFAP members Nick Prewitt, Cassandra Hicks, Kerry Hallahan and Samantha Matchefts during visit to Senator Claire McCaskill’s Office.

Kerry Hallahan is MASFAP’s President-Elect

From the MASFAP Legislative Committee Submitted By Will Shaffner

Recent Legislative Activity –

FEDERAL SNAPSHOT – Higher Ed Legislation Introduced in House and Senate

Recently, three pieces of higher ed-related legislation were introduced:

  • Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) introduced H.R.1283, which would “amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to require the disclosure of the annual percentage rates applicable to federal student loans.”
  • Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) introduced H.R.1286, the Promoting Education for Lifetime Learning (PELL) Grant Funding Act, which would “direct any profit the government makes from federal student loan programs into federal Pell Grants.” In a press release, Rep. Kind said, “The government shouldn’t be making a profit from federal student loan payments, it should be reinvesting that money to make higher education more affordable for those who need financial help.”
  • Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) introduced S.487, which would “amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for an exclusion for assistance provided to participants in certain veterinary student loan repayment or forgiveness programs.”

Additionally, Reps. Rodney Davis (R-IL) and Scott Peters (D-CA) have renewed a push for a bill they introduced in early February, H.R.795, the Employer Participation in Student Loan Assistance Act. The bill, which has 31 bipartisan co-sponsors, would “engage private employers and encourage them to offer a tax-free benefit to put toward an employee’s student loan debt, similar to the existing tax benefit for tuition assistance.”

According to a press release, employees would “receive a tax-exempt benefit of up to $5,250 per year to pay on their already incurred student loan debt.”

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Mark Your Calendars for MASFAP PD Events By Susan Hartnagel

MASFAP’s Professional Development Committee is working on finalizing various training events for 2017.

Save the dates for future PD events: March 8, April 11, May 3, June 6, July 11, September 12 and October 18.

Our first event will be on Wednesday, March 8th, in Columbia at the MOHELA Facility.  Please register at to sign up for NASFAA Credentialing training on Pell Grants/IASG and Need Analysis.

On April 11, we’ll have the Director’s Roundtable with registration going live soon.

I hope to see you at one (or more) of the 2017 events! As a reminder these events are free for MASFAP members.

Susan Hartnagel is the Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

MASFAP Hill Day in process NOW! Check out some pictures!

Thank you to all of the MASFAP Members attending MASFAP’s Hill Day!

GREAT table location, 3rd floor Rotunda, right in front of the Missouri Senate floor

MASFAP Members, from the fourth floor, looking down on the 3rd floor Rotunda

MASFAP Hill Day 2017 in progress!

Leadership Development participants at Hill Day

MASFAP in Jefferson City!

MASFAP in Jefferson City!