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 Committee of the Year Award Recipients

2013 Budget and Finance Committee
Kerry Hallahan, Chair
Amy Hager, Frank Tucci, Ginny D’Angelo, Janice Barnes, Brice Baumgardner
2012 Technology and Communications Committee
Colleen Brown, Co-Chair
Linda Loyd, Co-Chair

Janice Barnes, Melissa Findley, Cara Gitchos, Kristine Hotop, Samantha Matchefts, Morgan McAboy, Amee Wilmes
2011 Professional Development Committee
Karen Walker, Chair
Colleen Brown, Rebecca Diskin, Robin Elkthunder, Kathy Elsea, Debbie George, Lesley Hendrix, Lisa Hoskins, Shellee Kilbride, Leonard Klotz, Robyn LeGrand, Kyla McCarty, Michelle Mohn, Bethany Moran, Dena Norris, Dean Whitlow
2010 Budget and Finance Committee
Rachel Touchatt
Kerry Hallahan, Elizabeth Somers
2009 Early Awareness Committee
Jessie McCoy, Chair
2008 Program Committee
Christal Williams, Chair
Mindy Beckley-Hager, Michelle Cohen, Ginny Angelo, Rebecca Diskin, Kelly Fleming, Anna Fligge, Jean Flores Dennis, Daniel Holt, Lisa Hoskins, Mark Hudson, Valerie Jones, Pamela King, Robyn LeGrand, Charles Mayfield, Sarah Munns, Emily Pearce, Jay Rhodes, Claudia Russell, Jody Schwartz, Della Selmon, Karen Thompson, Leslie Verslues, Kimberly Warren, Karen Washington
2007 Early Awareness Committee
Colleen Heneghan, Co-Chair
Jessie McCoy, Co-Chair
2006 Newcomer Committee
Michelle Mohn, Chair
2005 Corporate Support Committee
Ginny D'Angelo, Chair
Brent Carpenter, Karen Misjak
2004 Technology and Communications
Samantha Ruffini, Chair
Janice Barnes, Keith Broadus, Jennifer Hendrickson, Gurleen Kaur, Pam King, Karen Koenig-Griffin, Michael Passer
2003 Program Committee
Anna Fligge, Chair
Karla Albert, Lisa Arnett, Janice Barnes, Carla Boren, Andy Bracciano, Colleen Brown, Ruth Chrismore, Tonia Compton, Angie Comstock, Ginny D'Angelo, Charissa Davis,Sara Edwards, Melissa Findley, Connie Holmes, Kathy Kelly, Michelle Mohn, Kathy Morriss, Ronn Ramey, Claudia Russell, Keith Schawo,Margie Schwent, Sandy Theis, Lindsey Turner, Larry Viterna,Karen Washington, Kathy White, Christal Williams, Rick Woolverton
2002 Technology and Communications
Janice Barnes, Chair
Trent Burns, Angie Comstock, Karen Koenig-Griffin, Karen Misjak
2001 Newcomer Committee
Ginny D'Angelo, Chair
Janice Barnes, Judy Cantoni, Jeannie Dillon, Chris Forderhase, Jessica Key, Jennifer Montoya, Kathy Morriss, Steve Nichols, Teresa O'Flynne, Jennifer Schruer, Phil Shreves, Chris Stevens
2000 Technology and Communications
Janice Barnes

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