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 Presidents Award Recipients

Established in 1996, the Presidents Award allows the MASFAP President the opportunity to honor individuals for their exceptional devotion of time and energy to the Association.

2016 Sara Edwards
2015 Crystal Bruntz & Chelsey Giles
2014 Melissa Findley & Ginny Burns
2013 Raymond Bayer Jr
2012 Gena Boling
2011 Brice Baumgartner
2010 Janice Barnes
2009 Angie Beam and Jessie McCoy
2008 Kelly Flemming
2007 Michelle Pursel
2006 Cathi Re-Nolde
2005 Michelle Paul/Kyla McCarty/Ronn Ramey
2004 Kathy Morriss
2003 Joseph Camille and Judy Cantoni
2002 Tammy Gay and Katherine Coates
2001 Michelle Bass Williams
2000 Barb Ulrich
1999 Debbie Williams
1998 Dan Holt
1997 Maryln McAdam
1996 Phil and LuRae Shreves

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