MASFAP Throwback Thursday!

Today is Thursday, which means it’s MASFAP’s Throwback Thursday! With the 50th Anniversary of MASFAP this year, we are Celebrating Our Past all year. Check out this picture taken at MASFAP’s 25th Anniversary celebration. Can you name some of the amazing MASFAP people in this photo? Make a comment to this blog and name as many people as you can… the person who is able to name the most people in the picture wins a prize…

4 thoughts on “MASFAP Throwback Thursday!

  1. Back Row: Dan Peterson; Tony Georges; Bob Berger; ?; MSSU Guy; Leonard Johnson; George Brooks; Gary Clark; Allan Purdy; ?; Todd Morriss; ?; Ronn Ramey
    Front Row: Pat Mossbacher; Jim Wyant; Sue Kearns ; Kathy Morriss; ?

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