MASFAP’s March 2018 Hill Day

Yesterday, March 28, MASFAP members went to Jefferson City to increase awareness with legislators about important state financial aid programs and bills. Thanks so much to MASFAP’s Legislative Co-Chairs and Committee for putting together talking points /MASFAP Briefs on HB 2408, HB 1273, HB 1368, HB 1723, HB 1275 and HB 1744. Check out those briefs here: MASFAP Brief – March 2018

MASFAP in Jefferson City on March 28, 2018

Thank you to all of the MASFAP Members who attended – and please be on the lookout for more opportunities and events to participate in from the Legislative Committee!

2 thoughts on “MASFAP’s March 2018 Hill Day

    • YES YOU WERE THERE !!!! I can vouch for you as I was at the table all day – Not only were you there, but you made a few meetings as well !!!! I say we get Melissa to Photoshop ya into the picture !!

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