New/Renewal Membership Application

Membership fees for 2019 are as follows:
Institution with an enrollment of 0-999 - $175.00
Institution with an enrollment of 1,000-9,999 - $325.00
Institution with an enrollment of 10,000-Up - $475.00
Associate - $175.00
Not Specified - $ 500.00
Honorary - $ 0.00

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

NOTE: Only the Primary Contact for the institution should fill out this form. Check the "Primary Contact" box on the next page if you are completing a "Renewal" form. Need help? Contact

  • This is a multi-part application and is not complete until you reach the final invoice page.

  • New Application
    I AM in the MASFAP database
    Fill in your Username and Password. Your next screen (Part 2) will be your Member Profile as it currently appears in the database. You may change your password and make any other necessary corrections. Click "Continue" to go to Part 3. If your Membership Affiliation is incorrect, you will have the option to change it at this point.

    I AM NOT in the MASFAP database
    Your next screen (Part 2) will be a blank Member Profile page. Select a password. Do not use personal information for your password since this will be emailed to you. You will receive a copy of your Username and Password by email, following the completion of this application. Use these for any future registrations. Complete the form and click "Continue" to go to Part 3.

  • Revise Membership Application
    If you are returning to revise your membership application, please use the "Revise Existing Application" section below. Enter your Username and Password. Part 2 is your Member Profile. In Part 3, your previous selection(s) will be shown. Make any necessary changes. Your previously entered membership application information will be deleted and replaced with the new.

  • Cancel Registration
    Cancelling a Membership Application? Select "Cancel Application" and enter your Username and Password. Your membership application will be deleted from the records and cannot be recovered.

  • Need help? Contact
DO NOT use your username and password to enter someone else!
Using your profile to enter another person will overwrite your information and delete you from the MASFAP database. If the person is in the database, please request their username and password. Otherwise, use the "I AM NOT in the MASFAP database" option so they can be assigned a unique username and password of their own.

Membership Application Part 1
Application Option I AM in the MASFAP database
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I AM NOT in the MASFAP database
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Revise Existing Application Revise My Application
Cancel Application Cancel My Application

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